Luncheon Of The Boating Party by Renoir European Tapestry Wall Hanging

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Woven In: Woven in Belgium
History: Luncheon of the Boating Party is a Belgian jacquard woven wall tapestry. The artwork comes from a painting of the same name completed in 1881 by French impressionist Pierre-Auguste Renoir. The painting, combining figures, still-life, and landscape in one work, depicts a group of Renoir's friends relaxing on a balcony at the Maison Fournaise along the Seine river in Chatou, France. The painter and art patron, Gustave Caillebotte, is seated in the lower right. Renoir's future wife, Aline Charigot, is in the foreground playing with a small dog. On the table is fruit and wine. The diagonal of the railing serves to demarcate the two halves of the composition, one densely packed with figures, the other all but empty, save for the two figures of the proprietor's daughter Louise-Alphonsine Fournaise and her brother, Alphonse Fournaise, Jr, which are made prominent by this contrast. In this painting Renoir has captured a great deal of light.
Primary Color: Cream
Secondary Color: Black,Blue,Pink,White,Yellow
Weight: A - H 19 x W 27:  2.00 lb B - H 28 x W 38:  3.00 lb C - H 40 x W 56:  6.00 lb
Composition: 95% cotton & 5% Viscose
Finish: Backed with lining and tunnel for easy hanging
Artist: Pierre- Auguste Renoir

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