David by Donatello Italian Tapestry

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Woven In: Woven in Italy
History: David by Donatello is an Italian jacquard wall tapestry. It renders an image of the famous renaissance bronze statute by Donatello. This is the second work of that name by Donatello completed in the 1440's. It is famed as the first unsupported standing work of bronze cast during the Renaissance, and the first freestanding nude male sculpture made since antiquity. It depicts David with an enigmatic smile, posed with his foot on Goliath's severed head just after defeating the giant. The youth is completely naked, apart from a laurel-topped hat and boots, bearing the sword of Goliath.
Primary Color: Grey
Secondary Color: Black,White,Yellow
Weight: A - H 19 x W 12:  2.00 lb
Composition: 80% Cotton, 20% Viscose and Polyester blend.
Finish: Backed with tunnel for easy hanging.

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