East Indies European Tapestry Wall Hanging

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Woven In: Woven in Belgium
History: East Indies Belgian chenille tapestry features a stylized fantasy map of the East Indies. In the 16th century, Europeans used the term East Indies to refer to South East Asia and the islands of Oceania. Here in this map we see the countries of South East Asia as well as Australia and New Zealand. Accompanying the map itself, are pineapple trees, pine trees and mangosteen fruit, and the entire work is bordered by an intricate border filled with tropical plants and palms.
Primary Color: Gold
Secondary Color: Beige,Green,Red
Weight: A - H 52 x W 72(Lined):  6.00 lb
Composition: 100% Soft Cotton Chenille
Finish: Tapestry is unlined. Has a tunnel for easy hanging.

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